Ammouliani, the Greek island that does not in the guides

Being an island of small dimensions, it is relatively easy to walk the paths that constitute it. Especially the walk from the beach to the center of the island, which is easily done.


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Have you heard about Ammouliani? No? There is still a chance for you.

I didn’t know either…

Located about 120 kms off Thessaloniki, the closest big city, the small island of Ammouliani is located on the Halkidiki region. Having a small dimension, it is easy to walk all the routes that make the island. Especially when you have the fantastic landscapes to accompany you.

Ammouliani is the only populated island of the region and, nowadays, one of the most sought after touristic spots of Northern Greece. In fact, tourism is one of the main economic sources of the island, being visited by many tourists, of various nationalities. At the same time, it presents us with a variety of hotels and rooms, nocturnal fun and traditional restaurants. Despite that, this small pearl keeps its simple and gracious demure, having myself felt very welcome by the locals, with kindness, affability and hospitality.

You start your trip on the ferry, where that Mediterranean blue shows, even before you reach the port, what’s to come. Like a preview of the island.


Ammouliani presents a centuries-old history, and offers various walking trails, giving its visitors a close contact with nature. Through the port, to the top of the village, following the awesome views of the peninsula of Athos and Agion Oros.

The beaches of thin sand and turquoise blue are an obligatory stop. Specially Karagatsia, Alikes and Ammos. The warm water and warm weather that we felt were, without a doubt, inviting for a relaxing stop during the day, or later, to catch some sunlight.

As for the food, I recommend the traditional dishes (obviously!) of top quality, and the fish, very fresh, garnered just around the corner.

Being a community built over the hills of the island, the port and the beaches present themselves like a show, occurring in a natural amphitheater. Clearly, a must-go touristic spot that not everybody knows. Sometimes not even the Greeks. But they (and you) should.

P.S.: Thank you so much to Dimitris and His family for the warmest welcome.

P.P.S: Take a camera with a lot of memory space. You will find numerous points of interest if you love nature photography.

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